What is this project?

The WikiTorres project is a collaborative group project, in which the goal is to make well-researched material available to fellow students. By essentially mirroring popular research sites like Wikipedia, we are creating an online community unique to our History 12 course.
Think about this… not only will you be able to share your research, opinions, and theories with your classmates online, but it will also help you prepare for in-class and provincial examinations. Additionally, you can view this information from practically anywhere!
The simple goal is to draw connections between different topics in our Russian Revolution Unit, and connecting them together using the Internet.

We will use a site called Wikispaces. This site allows you to easily upload your completed assignments into a larger online community, shared by your teachers and your peers. Once this has occurred, you are able to link your work to other assignments; then you are just a click away from a related topic.

How do you start?

1) Simply go to this page, and create an account.

2) Get to work researching your topic. Your group has 2 weeks to put together a wiki page. This page should include relevant information, as well as personal opinions and theories. Tutorial information regarding this site will soon be made available to you.

2 Parts to this Assignment

Part 1: Research and Submission of Assignment

Essentially, treat the initial part of this project as its own individual assignment. Each group is assigned to a topic. Together, your group has until October 21st to gather and organize information on your given topic. Then, in a collaborative group effort, this information should be crafted into a well-written article to be uploaded onto your WikiSpaces page.

Part 2: Linking Assignment

Once these articles have been uploaded, this is where the project becomes truly interactive. Between October 21st and October 27th, the linking begins! Essentially, during this period you will physically connect your assignment to other assignments. But don’t worry about this yet; we will have a tutorial on proper linking techniques at a later date.

For now focus on PART 1!

General Timeline
October 7th: Groups assigned and topics given out at random. Part 1 Begins.
October 21st: Assignments are due. One copy is to be posted online, and one hard copy handed in during class. Part 1 Complete.
October 21st -27th: Linking assignment begins. Part 2 Begins.
October 27th: Part 2 Complete. Final mark TBD.


This project is worth 30% of your term mark. By comparison, each unit test (there are 3 in this term) is worth 20%, so this project represents a significant part of your final grade.
60% Content, Organization, Citations MLA Format
20% Opinions/Theories/Questions
20% Linkage (this will be graded separately in the following week)

- October 21st = Final Opportunity to Submit Information, NO CHANGES TO INFORMATION AFTER THIS POINT (info will printed, so that changes will be recognized)
- 2 Copies Needed: One posted online, and one hard copy
(NOTE: If one word is changed, than 10% of group grade removed per each word changed)
- When linking begins groups will have access to other group pages, and URL links should be implemented. Keep in mind, that the quality of your work, has two effects:
1) One, Part 1 of your project will receive a better mark
2) The more detail you put into your work, the more other groups will use your page as a link (thus, higher grade for your linkage portion) In other words, its good for you, and its good for your classmates
- The entire group will receive the same mark, so it is very important to share the workload and communicate well.